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Gathering, Connecting and making friends!

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World Tango Society

This platform is made up of many different tango communities around the world
+ Create groups / meetups yourself

World Tango
Congress/Festival ’24 Amsterdam.

Gathering, Connecting and making Friends. 2 rooms – Traditional & Neo MOdern

Find Your Dance Partner.

We bring dancers together.
It’s free an it will only take a few minutes to make your first encounters.
So what are you waiting for?

Picture this …

All Tango on One Spot, to …
Connect with Kindred Spirits,
Immerse in Vibrant Events,
Refine Skills with Training from The Best,
Discover the Perfect Dance Partner and even
Upgrate your dressstyle with the Latest Fashion!

World Tango Society isn’t just a platform; it’s an Exhilarating dance Journey waiting to take you to new heights.

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