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Dancers from different dance scenes. We met, united and created communities with the aim of organizing international cross over events.

– Culture, Nightlife & Entertainment

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Creating an all in one dance platform and connecting dancers form all over the world.


Currently, we are living in a dynamic world in which the rules of the business game are constantly changing as a result of globalization, pandemies and increasing competition.


We receive many requests from DJs to play for us. We can’t let someone play without ever seeing the DJ (playing) before.
But we offer everyone the opportunity to prove themselves.
Interested? Send us an e-mail.

-Dance school/ amateur Show group performance
If you would like to perform in front of an audience with your group, we offer you a stage to gain experience.
Interested? Send us an e-mail.

-Professional artists
We offer professionals a stage to profile themselves, to inspire dancers from all over the world with workshops, seminars and show performances. Send us an email if you are interested.

World Tango Congress

Why we call it the World Tango Congress.
World Tango Congress is an experience that goes beyond dancing. We respect traditions but also innovate with events, seminars, blogs, forums and many more.
Milonga, weekend meeting, tango marathon, encuentro, festival, Neo, Folklore, Tango Traditional, Queer or whatever, we bring it all together in specific rooms under one roof in different congress editions.
We encourage everyone to respect each other, form one society and have fun together, regardless of style or level of dancing or wherever you come from.

Gathering, Connecting and Making Friends!
Let the magic begin …

Stand events

We have limited space for stands at our live events. If you would like to participate, be on time with a request and send us an email.

We are looking for

Volunteers during events
– Leading Jack and Jill Contest

For any message!


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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