WTS, World Tango Society, founded in 2018 dedicated to the world tango community.
This platform was founded by dancers for entertainment, networking, knowledge-sharing and skill development.

Our mission is to build a global dance community through connecting, promoting, and supporting dancers, choreographers, dance schools, and companies.
Through innovative instruction, performance opportunities, and outreach programs, we aim to inspire passion and self-expression in every dancer, and to promote diversity and inclusivity in the dance world.

United by passion

By innovation we keep traditions alive!

Picture this ...

All Tango on One Spot, to …
Connect with Kindred Spirits,
Immerse in Vibrant Events,
Refine Skills with Training from The Best,
Discover the Perfect Dance Partner and even
Upgrate your dressstyle with the Latest Fashion!

World Tango Society isn’t just a platform; it’s an Exhilarating dance Journey waiting to take you to new heights.

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