Founded in 2018 dedicated to the world tango community.
This platform was founded by dancers for entertainment, networking, knowledge-sharing and skill development.

We are
World Tango Society

Our mission is to build a global dance community through connecting, promoting, and supporting dancers, choreographers, dance schools, and companies.
Through innovative instruction, performance opportunities, and outreach programs, we aim to inspire passion and self-expression in every dancer, and to promote diversity and inclusivity in the dance world.

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By innovating Tango we keep traditions alive!

What we do


Online Lessons & Movies

We offer online dance classes, mentorship programs and audition sessions for beginners to experienced dancers that suit their skill level and interests. Also seminars about dancing, health and well-being. Would you like to teach online dance lessons? Live or on demand? Send us a message!

  • Live streaming
  • On demand

Dance Match!

ONline – Dating Welcome to our online dating service for dancers! We are dedicated to helping dancers of all levels connect with one another and find meaningful relationships. A platform to meet other dancers who share your passion and interests.

  • Online partner search
  • Speeddating live!

Dancewear Store

One-stop-shop Online for dancers and dance enthusiasts. From dancewear and shoes to training materials and accessories. Also for branded merchandise and unique products that reflect our values and aesthetic. If you are a T-shirt designer, don’t hesitate to suggest us designs.

  • Branded dancewear
  • Dance fashion
Dance.World Fashion Centre


Gathering, Connecting and making Friends!

  • Festivals
  • Congresses
  • Marathons
  • Beach events
  • Speed dating
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Uniting dancers from all over the world

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

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