22 - 26 febr '24
World Tango Congress/ Festival, Amsterdam

4 days fun at this beautyful location with 2 Festivals seperately in 1 unique event,  Join us for an unforgettable experience.

Come join us for a passionate embrace on the dance floor and experience the magic of tango in Amsterdam!

Traditional meets Neo Tango - 2 rooms


  1. Workshops: All skill levels. An opportunity to refine your tango techniques and learn from the best.

  2. Milongas:  The magical atmosphere of the milongas is where the true spirit of tango comes alive.

  3. Performances: Witness breathtaking tango performances,

  4. Fashion and Art: Immerse yourself in the tango culture and bring a piece of it home.

  5. Cultural Exchange: World Tango Congress fosters a sense of community among tango aficionados. You’ll have the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds who share your love for tango, creating lasting friendships and connections.

Tango Traditional

Workshops + Show performance!

Guno Romberg & Anne Dellisse

Salsa Cortina! New!!!
Salsa + Bachata Workshop

In Buenos Aires, Salsa and Bachata are played as standard during the cortina in milongas. A cheerful moment to let loose again. In these workshops you will learn the basics so that you will never have to sit during these cortinas again. Yes, you can dance salsa and bachata, not only during tango salons, but also salsa parties! 

Mariano Laplume

Tango Traditional
Musicality workshop

Pause, Solos and “Rubatto” (beat fluctuations) in Osvaldo Pugliese

Mariano Laplume
You will feel, experience and compare in movement the distinctive musical & stylistic characteristic of this Orchestra – 100% PRACTICAL

After this special workshops you will be able to understand and identify the different musical concepts shared and get practical tools in applying this to your dance in the milonga.

Ezequiele Sannucci

Neo Tango
|Neo Tango workshops

How to feel unity with your partner? How to have excellent leader and follower skills? How to have a tango embrace that you would like to hold forever? This workshop goes to the essence of tango, neotango and it can even make a change in our lives.

🌺 The best wooden floor you can imagine!

🌺 Free parking

🌺 Ibis hotel in front of the venue + many around!

🌺 Dance Match – Discover, Explore, Enjoy!

🌺 Early bird tickets from september 23

Hotel, Bus, Metro, Train, Free parking all in front of the door!!!
Only 10 minutes from airport Amsterdam Schiphol

Let the magic begin!

Workshops - Shows - Milongas -Milonga Lounge - DanceMatch y mucho mas .....