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Encuentro milonguero. You’ve probably heard about that before, but you have no idea what that me is. World Tango Congress Feb 23 adds this popular close embrace dance form with associated codes to the program for the first time.
Then it is nice to know in advance what the codigos are for this encuentro. Have fun with the workshops and the encuentro milonguero, only on thursday 23 and Friday 24 February.

Close embrace Milongueros


12.30 – 14.00
Workshop Playing with the Códigos

An Encuentro Milonguero is an excellent excuse take a deeper and fun look at one of its essential aspects: the ever evolving Códigos! Carlos Alberti has been studying and teaching the códigos milongueros at an international level for almost 3 decades.
This workshop consists of a first part where some of the códigos are explained, and a second part where participants can playfully put them to practice, at the same time that questions are asked and solutions are learned for every possible twist of events during a milonga.
You don’t need to register with a partner.


11.30 – 12.30
Workshop Super Hugged Turn with Semi Enrosques

If you think that milonguero steps are simple, think again!
This beautiful short figure in a continuous hug has semi-enrosques, sacadas, quebradas, pivots, pauses, and great expressive torsion –all to be enjoyed in less than a meter space. Perfect for a full dance floor.


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