We all know the big, global problem: finding a dance partner.
With ‘Tango Partner Search’ we make it easier to find a dance partner for milongas, workshops and, who knows, more. This way you can also make many contacts and get to know dancers before the milongas and neolongas start.

* This events will take place in 3 age categories:
Category -35
Category 35-50
Category 50+

where the magic happens in 3 minutes

the program

Friday 13.30 -15.00
Saturday 13.30 – 15.00
Costs: €20

Info program, click here!

How it works

On this ‘Tango Partner Search’ event you will meet single dancers individually. You can get an impression of each other in 3 minutes per conversation and a dance. 

If you want to see your conversation partner again, enter a “yes” on your match card. If you do not want this, then of course you fill in ‘no’. Since your conversation partners cannot see what you enter, the atmosphere during the event is relaxed, non-committal and very pleasant. 

On the left lane you mark who you want to see again and who you don’t. You hand in this strip at the end of the evening.
You can keep the right lane: you can make notes on it, so that it is easier to find out who belongs to which name afterwards.

Afterwards you hand in your completed card and we will see which matches have been formed; mutual yess are linked. If so, you will be notified in 1 hour. You will then receive each other’s details (first name and e-mail address), after which you can make an appointment yourself.

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