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Dj Eze

Name: Ezequiel Sanucci (Arg)
Playing: Tango Neo/ Modern
Ezequiel Sanucci was born in Buenos Aires and began his dance studies at the age of 11 years old at the School of the Teatro Colón where he also learned tango and folklore. For more than 30 years he made an international career as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher in classical ballet, contemporary dance, and tango in Europe, Argentina and touring worldwide. He created his own style of contemporary tango and he is one of the pioneers and world reference of neotango and contact tango as a dancer, teacher and international dj.

In 2013 he started working as a traditional tango DJ and shortly after he added the neotango to his repertoire. Since then he has played at most of the prestigious international neo and tango festivals and events in Europe and Argentina such as ElectroTango Festival Buenos Aires, TNT Toulouse, Tango Marathon Nantes, TangoRave, Phantastango, Zollverein, World Tango Congress and many more. He is a founding member and DJ of La Neo, which is the first 100% neolonga in the Netherlands (his residence country), as well as co-organizer, teacher and DJ of the Amsterdam Neotango Marathon, The Neotango Weekend and Tuscany Tango Holiday.
DJ Eze loves variety, surprising and to create different kinds of atmospheres during his sets. He plays modern tangos and many different genres and his sets have flow and harmony. He is always very sensitive to what is happening on the dance floor and is happy when people are having a good time.

Dj Coos

Name: Dj Coos (NL)
Playing: Tango Modern
Quatorze juillet, late seventies: with my future wife at a ball in the south of France. Everyone was dancing. Ravel’s Bolero was played. Dancefloor emptied, we continued dancing. We got a huge applaus at the end. After a long LAT-relationship, we got married in 2000. My wife thought we should take dance lessons as a wedding gift. Argentine tango!

Gotan Project’s first album had just been released. From the first practice night we danced on their music, their rhythm. Fascinating! This was my introduction to what was later on called neotango.

I am from Rotterdam. There is a tango department at the Conservatory in my city, with its own tango orchestra, OTRA. I was often asked to accomply them as a driver. This brought me in contact with modern orchestras. My search for tango music extended to contemporary orchestras. I found many ensembles and orchestras playing their own tango compositions, or playing traditional ones in a slightly different way. It’s amazing how much tango music is being produced these days. But even more surprising that only a few DJ’s play this music in the milongas.

My interest in neo was stimulated by initiatives in Germany. First Phantastango in Thuringia. But especially the Raves in Bremen fueled my urge to seek out good tango-dancing nontango.

During the years I collected a huge amount of good dancable tango and nontango music. For the good sound quality, and to stimulate the musicians, I only use CD’s and paid high quality downloads. For a lively and relaxed atmosphere in a milonga a good sound is just as important as a good choice of music.

As DJ it is exciting to see how dancers react to my music. Using the nice program’s my wife has built, it’s possible to respond quickly to their demands.

Lovely to see the dancers enjoying my music, it inspires me to continue djing.

Dj Richard 'el Fresco'

Name: Richard ‘El Fresco’ (NL)
Playing: Tango traditional
About me: Richard ‘El Fresco’ is one of the most prolific Tango DJ’s in The Netherlands, playing at many milongas and festivals in NL and abroad, having an active YouTube channel about tango music, and making radio for De Concertzender. His sets are energetic and well balanced, with a firm base in the golden years of tango. Prepare to dance, dance, dance…

Dj Marinella

Name: Dj Marinella Pucci (Italia)
Playing: Tango traditional
They call me a volcano of energy and I want to transfer this positivity, this desire to live to all the others! I am a multifaceted artist. I started as a dancer, then choreographer, poet, painter and researcher of holistic sciences to return to dancing through my strong passion for tango and my interest in its therapeutic power. Tango creates emotions from the first moment you play listen and dance it. That is what I would like to facilitate with my dj set and energy.

Dj Lucas

Name: DJ Lucas Malec ‘El Tabernero’. (Arg)
Playing: Tango traditional
About me: From the neighbourhood of Caballito in the heart of Buenos Aires, Lucas is also a musician and dancer (He is one of the founding members of Pannonica Tango Quartet). As a DJ, his music is characterised by its energy and known for keeping the dancers emotionally engaged, to the point of intoxication, that is why he is known as: El Tabernero. He has played at important milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires and Europe such as Tango Salon Festival (BsAs), Abrazo Tango Festival (France), Holland Tango Festival, Frostbite Festval (Finland), Rosario Tango Festival, Santa Milonguita, Academia de Tango, Amsterdam Tango Marathon, Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo, Maldita Milonga, Salon Canning, etc. always using quality tracks that he selects and improves in his studio.

Dj Yerpun

Name: Yerpun (Chili)
Playing: Tango traditional

To know the development of the tango music played specially in milongas porteñas where the tango experts have danced, and respect that selection of music. Also, give the chance to new music that has the quality to melt hearts.

“It is all about the right song at the right moment. I am a fisherman. With a song I fish people and pull them to the dance floor.”

Dj Peter

Name: Dj Peter (NL)
Playing: Tango traditional
I play often on different Milonga’s in the Netherlands. Like to make a cosy atmosphere with tango music mostly from the traditional period (1930/46 – 1956 or later). Looking at the dancers and filling in the theme. I use a lot of well known music from the mainstream orquesta’s but also the less known orquesta’s.. they give the special tough in the flow. Working with visuals and presentations of the information, letra’s, photo’s, video’s is very instructive for the complete view. Always in a fine compilation of tandas and cortinas.

Dj Serjan

Name: Serjan (NL)
Playing: Tango Traditional
Die-hard milonguero who has committed himself as a serious collector of tango on Vinyl and 78’s in qualities often exceeding those you’re accustomed to! On Thursday the 25th of August, Serjan will set the tone with the best of the golden age of tango and will play it to you from his vinyl collection. You will be presented with 100 percent danceable tangos, full of energy and delight. 

Dj Zak

Name: Dj Zak (UK)
Playing: Neo Tango
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Ten Questions With DJ Zak
A Question Of Taste
Name: Zak Nicholas
Origin: UK
Facebook: Zak Nicholas

Rank your favorite music style when playing:

My favourite style on music is sensual and dramatic neo tango

Are you dancing yourself?
I do dance tango, I was trained in traditional tango, i have been dancing for 7 years , 2 years were daily private practive with the maestro Ricardo Delgado..I started dancing tango in 2012

Which year did you start to Dj?

What was the trigger that made you start DJing?
The trigger was the Rome Neo Tango marathon. Meeting Sonja Armisen and Elio Astor who I consider my mentors, later I discovered Anna Neum from moscow who is also inspirational.

What is the main quality a DJ needs to have from your point of view?
I think DJs need different qualities. They should not all have the same qualities otherwise every DJ would sound the same. The qualities I need are to understand how important my music is to my audience, my music can make the entire weekend incredible and unforgettable, its a huge responsibility and every DJ should have 100 percent commitment to make the dancers weekend amazing and special EVEN if that means changing his style of music to suit the mood, he must sense what the audience wants and ask for feedback the following day so he can adjust… I believe everyone appreciates the sensuality and drama of tango so i concentrate on this.

About cortinas; how long, why and kind of music?
Usually 40 seconds and occasionally 2 minutes, cortinas help dancers to change partners and to lift the mood and to remind the room we are here to have fun, so expect super happy upbeat cortinas from me.. and i want the whole room dancing..lol..

What is your playlist system? Always the same or do you adjust it; when and why?
My playlist is usually a journey, it very much depends on what the last DJ played.. but I like to take the dancer on a hypnotic journey where dancers can really enter the realm of the senses in term of connection, embrace , sensuality and technicality.

Somebody comes to the Dj booth and asks you to play a song. Your answer?
Some one wants a song at the booth my answer is yes as long as its tango, nuevo or neo tango, one song wont hurt anyone and unless its a truly awful song i will try to accomodate…..

What would be your last song you played on a Tango Festival or Marathon?
Last song would be “mans world” with james brown and pavarotti, classic vocals mixed with the power of pavarotti’s operatic vocal.

If you would have a free wish, which Festival or Marathon would you like to play at?
One of my wishes have already been granted. As i think the Hague is a truly unique experience..I love the Hague festival and its a priviledge to play here but i also will do Bremen in germany next year and bremen is seen as the Mecca for neo so its very special to DJ there.
Also the Rome Neo Marathon as Elio i see as my first inspiration.

Dj Jean-Marc

Name: Dj Jean-Marc (Geneva)
Playing: Neo tango
Since 2005, Jean-Marc has been actively promoting the cause of Neotango by organizing the only Neolonga in the Lake Geneva region.
An avid and eclectic music aficionado, he likes mixing different styles in his sets, in which he strives to find
the perfect balance between well-known pieces and new ones.


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