Style, Code
and Etiquette

We are once again paying attention to clothing. But also what rules of conduct are supposed to be. No one is obligated to do anything. But you’ll probably be happy to find some advice in general here anyway.

This edition aims to introduce everyone to all kinds of tango. Because at least 2 halls, sometimes 3, are danced simultaneously, you will never be bored.
Enjoy Tango Salon, Encuentro milonguero and Neo Tango, all under one roof, in specific rooms.
Have fun!

Floor Etiquette

Tango Salon

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday:
You invite each other preferably by exchanging a cabeceo/mirada. Dance the way you feel comfortable without disturbing others and enjoy tango. See schedule, follow the ronda.

Close embrace - Milonguero

During the encuentro milonguero salon, chairs and tables for men are set apart from the women. Couples also get a separate section, just as is common in Buenos Aires.
-Encuentros are characterized by keeping your partner extremely close
-You don’t invite each other verbally, but through cabeceo/miradas exchanges
-While dancing we are humble, trying to avoid showing off.
-Change of partner after each tanda
-Respect for the dance lines in the ronda
-Entering the dance floor in a correct way

Neo Tango

Every day:
Neo Nuevo aka freestyle tango. There are actually no prescribed rules. Danceable non tango music is played, to which you can dance your own tango. Go with the flow.


Many, many hours to dance in 2 rooms, saturday night 3 rooms!
From thursday till sunday midnight

Dress code

Thursday: No dress code

Friday: No dress code

Saturday: (New) Roaring twenties

Sunday: No dress code


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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