The big five

In Argentine Tango, the “Big Five” refers to five prominent orchestras and bandleaders that played a significant role in the development and popularization of tango music during the Golden Age of Tango, which is generally considered to have occurred from the 1930s to the 1950s. These orchestras are known for their distinctive styles and contributions to the tango genre.
The Big Five orchestras and bandleaders are:
Carlos Di Sarli: Di Sarli was known for his elegant and refined style of tango music. His orchestra was known for its smooth and melodic compositions, making it a favorite among dancers for its lyrical quality.
Aníbal Troilo: Troilo was a bandoneón player and bandleader who had a profound influence on tango music. His orchestra is often associated with emotional depth and rich musical arrangements. Troilo’s orchestra was highly influential in the development of tango as a concert music form.
Juan D’Arienzo: D’Arienzo’s orchestra is famous for its upbeat and rhythmic style, which is often referred to as “tango for dancing.” D’Arienzo’s music is characterized by its fast tempo and energetic arrangements, making it popular among dancers who enjoy a more lively and dynamic tango experience.
Osvaldo Pugliese: Pugliese was known for his avant-garde approach to tango music. His orchestra was known for its complex and innovative compositions, often featuring dramatic and intense musical elements. Pugliese’s music is considered more challenging for dancers due to its intricate musical structure.
Miguel Caló: Caló’s orchestra was known for its romantic and sentimental style. His music is characterized by its melodic and emotive qualities, making it a favorite for dancers who appreciate a more romantic and nostalgic tango experience.
These five orchestras and bandleaders played a crucial role in shaping the various styles and facets of Argentine Tango music. Each had its unique characteristics, and dancers often have their preferences among these styles based on their personal taste and dancing style

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