Creative partnerships

We connect, promote and support dancers, choreographers and companies

Collaborating on a dance project can be a fun and creative experience.

We’re looking to team up with creative parties throughout the global industry who want the same thing we want: to develop exciting new formats and see them hit the dancefloors and screens around the world.

World Tango Society portfolio covers Events, Dating service, Streaming service and a Shop.

Streaming your knowledge

Learning, Watching, Dancing

Streaming is becoming increasingly important for a dance platform. With the growth of digital technology, more and more people are consuming content online. We stream both promotional material and paid productions.

We offer online dance classes, mentorship programs and audition sessions for beginners to experienced dancers that suit their skill level and interests.
Also seminars about dancing, health and well-being.

Would you like to teach online dance lessons? Live or on demand? Send us a message!

Add your clothing or design to our stock

Step into our world of creativity

One-stop-shop Online for dancers and dance enthusiasts. From dancewear and shoes to training materials and accessories.
Also for branded merchandise and unique products that reflect our values and aesthetic.
If you are a T-shirt designer, don’t hesitate to suggest us designs.

Event collaboration

Organizer in partnership, we have the tools but need you

Ideas for an event or just want to organize in partnership, let us know.

Organizing a festival entails. 
Develop a concept/ Find a venue/ Book performers/ Promote the event/ Coordinate logistics/ Create a schedule/ Ticketing and registration/ Manage staff and volunteers.
We can support most of these points of attention.

Keep in mind
we organize worldwide.

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