World tango Congress/ fstvl '23 Amsterdam

Finally time to connect!

23 - 27 February
Gathering, Connecting and Making Friends!

By innovating Tango we keep traditions alive!

This epic edition we introduce 3 firsts!

ENCUENTRO MILONGUERO will have its own room on Friday for close embrace lovers. Beforehand, we introduce milonguero workshops to prepare you for this increasingly popular phenomenon. More …

We surprise everyone who would like to experience in the Neo Tango room daily with 15 minutes of DANCING IN THE DARK without knowing who you are dancing with! More …

And for those who want to experience the competitive tango contest atmosphere in a fun, sometimes hilarious way,  we introduce a JACK & JILL CONTEST for the first time! More …

We will run up to two dancefloors simultaneously, saturdaynight even 3!
All under one roof:
1 Marathon
2 Festivals – Neo & Traditional
3 Styles- Neo, Tango Salon & Milonguero

+ 4 days Workshops and Milongas
+ 3 halls with wooden floor

+ Show performances
+ Food buffet – French, Thai, Indo
+ Accommodation from 27€

October ’22 we start with Online sale of Congress tickets! This time we offer early bird and even super early bird tickets on sale!
Keep an eye on it, because you can’t miss these super discounts!

Let the magic begin…

Finally with us

Edwin Olarte & Vittoria Franchina (Col)

By popular request, back at the congress:

Tanya Gutierrez & Sebastián Avendaño (Col)
See video @ previous congress (Kurhaus)

Hotel, Bus, Metro, Train, Food, Free parking all in front of the congress venue!!! Only 10 min. from Amsterdam airport and 5 min. downtown Amsterdam City!

Dj Yerpun (Ch)

So many requests for Dj Yerpun to return. In the mean time confirmed! Here in action in one of the 2 rooms during the congress in August!

Amsterdam is calling …


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