WTC: Gathering, Connecting and making Friends

World Tango Society meant for the entire world community to come together and celebrate tango. 
We organize various events, from tango weekends to tango marathons.

A very special event devised by World Tango Society is World Tango Congress (WTC), different from the usual events. If you have never visited one of the congresses before, this might give you an idea of what can be experienced at the World Tango Congress.

WTC is a gathering of dancers, instructors, and enthusiasts who come together to celebrate and learn various styles of dance. The event last several days and feature workshops, performances, social dancing, competitions and even dance partner search.

Some details about WTC:

  1. Workshops: a variety of workshops that are designed for all skill levels. These workshops are taught by professional dancers and instructors and cover a range of topics, such as technique, musicality, styling, and choreography.

  2. Performances: we feature performances by professional dance companies. A great way to see the latest dance trends and styles and get inspired by the creativity and talent of other dancers.

  3. Social Dancing: Social dancing is an integral part of WTC. Dancers have the opportunity to practice their skills and meet new people by participating in social dance events that are held throughout the congress. 

  4. Competitions: we also feature dance competitions, so called Jack and Jill competitions.

  5. Networking: a great way to meet other dancers and instructors from around the world. 

  6. Partner search: we offer a unique way to find a dance partner or more than that. We all know this problem, the lack of a partner to regularly dance with, practice or even travel and share rooms during events. For this we have designed a special site to find your dance match. Click here for partner search

We are preparing for a tour around the world to accommodate dancers who cannot travel. Keep an eye on our program to stay informed.

By innovation keeping traditions alive!

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