5 years ago, the first gathering of dancers from all over the world

Five years ago we came together as a group of passionate dancers with the dream to make tango even more fun than it already was. Thus began our journey of organizing dance events that would bring the tango world community together.

As we embarked on this journey, we faced numerous challenges. Finding the right venue, promoting the event and coordinating with the artists were just some of the hurdles we had to overcome. But the passion for Tango and the desire to make a difference to the world community kept us going.

The first festival could finally take place in August 2018 at the Pier and grandhotel Kurhaus in The Hague, Scheveningen, well filled with energy and enthusiasm. Dancers came from all over the world. A huge success and we knew we had found our calling.

The events became known for their welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, but also for innovating tango with all due respect for traditions.
We are delighted to have brought together countless people of all ages, backgrounds, dance styles and skill levels to share in the joy of Argentine Tango.
We are also grateful for the friendships, memories and incredibly beautiful, everlasting experiences we have had. The passion for tango will continue to feed us for years to come.

Looking ahead, we know there are still many challenges ahead, but are ready to face them.
We are grateful for the support we received and we are excited to see where the next five years will take us.
We are proud of all we have achieved and look forward to continuing to host events that celebrate the power of Tango.

World Tango Society
-Gathering, Connecting and making Friends

let the magic begin…

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